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3 Game Changers I learned this year – Part 3 MUSCLE GAIN-0

3 Game Changers I learned this year – Part 3 MUSCLE GAIN

Maybe not everyones goal going into the new year with the whole fat loss resolution thing going on but I thought three muscle gain ideas would be worth a good mention. Again nothing fancy or all that ground breaking but I really hope its maybe helpful for some folks out there looking to gain some lean tissue.

Check out Buy Phentermine In Australia Online and Phentermine 37.5 Cheapest Online if you haven’t already.

Phentermine Hcl 37.5 Mg Buy Online, Phentermine No Prescription Next Day Delivery

First up is volume. Weight x reps x sets. This should largely be your focus for muscle gain. Now whats interesting is that if you equate volume in different programs with different rep ranges the only difference you might see is a strength gain in the lower rep range. If we were to look at an example you could do something like this to push volume higher in your workouts:

Take a set rep range, lets say 8 reps of flat dumbbell press for 4 sets. On the last set consider dropping the weight by 10% and trying to complete as many reps as possible whilst maintaining good form. This should quickly help you push volume higher and higher each workout.

Don’t go balls deep straight out the bat.

Slowly ramp things up through your program. What I mean is, don’t just go as heavy as you can straight away. I would suggest starting conservative on the first week and then slowly but surely adding around 2.5 or so kilo’s to the bar. An example would be to start at a percentage based on your one rep max at around 65% for 3 sets of 10 reps. The next week maybe add another set and then start adding 2.5kg’s for 6 weeks. Very simple and easy way to progressively overload and gradually build volume.

Another good alternative to your percentage scale would be to potentially work off of an RPE range or 1-10. You could start at a low 6 or 7 (so taxing but nothing you couldn’t keeping going on) and then add 2.5kg as the weeks go on.


The last one has to be one of my favourite, bodybuilding bullcrap training things. Now as mentioned above volume is up there with the king of what you should be focusing on. However you might of heard Pakulski bleating on about how you ‘gotta feel the muscle bro’. In actual fact if you do that you’re more likely to fail sooner. Failing sooner effects your volume total and thus maybe effecting extra muscle gain.

That being said beginners should think about how they perform an exercise. Specifically which muscle’s are they targeting during the set. However those who have trained for sometime, maybe over a year or two should think more about getting the work done. When I say getting it done it should still be with good form and not something that resembles a penguin having an aneurysm.

And thats it. Focus on pushing volume higher with plus sets, build up the intensity over time and stop trying to touch your pec whilst doing single arm hammer strength chest presses in the hope of getting bigger muscles.


Would you like to share your thoughts?

Would you like to share your thoughts?

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