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Online Personal Training Case Study – Scott Quinn

Online Personal Training Case Study – Scott Quinn

Scott, of Six Sigma Fitness in Glasgow contacted me back in January with the goal of completing a 16 week training and nutrition program for a photoshoot with Simon Howard in London. After our initial consultation he signed up for the Buy Phentermine In Canada Online.

This is his 16 week journey.

Week One:

Buy Phentermine In Australia OnlinePhentermine 37.5 Cheapest OnlineBuy Phentermine Online Mexico







Week Two:

Buy Phentermine AuPhentermine CodFullSizeRender-9








Week Six:

FullSizeRender-11FullSizeRender-12Purchase Phentermine








Week Eleven:

FullSizeRender-14Buy Phentermine Overnight Delivery Phentermine Pills Buy








Week Twelve (first practise run of peak week guidelines):

Can I Buy Phentermine In Australia Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Pharmacy Phentermine 375








Week 16 Photoshoot:

Phentermine Tablets Buy Online I Want To Buy Phentermine Online Buy Phentermine Online Cheap













Everything from start to finish was done online via email, Skype and google spreadsheets to monitor and manipulate specific changes to ensure he was in the best shape possible for his photoshoot. Here are some stats from various stages of his prep:

His starting average weight went from 73.5kg and a final photoshoot weigh in of 65.7kg was achieved.

Phentermine Australia Online Can You Buy Phentermine In Stores










His total measurement progress over 12 weeks of the 16 week prep:

Buy Phentermine Mexico






Amazingly his macro guidelines didn’t change. This is relatively rare with some clients having small adjustments made but on this occasion it wasn’t required. All we manipulated was his training frequency, volume and some cardio (1 x high intensity interval training and 2 x 30 minute moderate intensity sessions). Here are his guidelines below:

Phentermine Order Online











Scott has been a fantastic client and is a real testament of what can happen with great coaching and as equally great application. I’m sure you’ll agree he looked fantastic for his photoshoot and I’m delighted he chose me to coach him through this 16 week journey.

If you would be interested in online coaching from myself please drop me an email at mail@gordongreenhorn.com or alternatively message me on Can I Buy Phentermine Online Safely.























Order Phentermine Online Cheap, Buy K 25 Phentermine

Would you like to share your thoughts?

Would you like to share your thoughts?