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Well 12 weeks is up fairly quickly, I guess that is a credit to you as this is the first cut/diet I have done where I have found so easy to follow, last time I tried a cut I started on less calories than what we have finished on, amazing as the results are far superior.  I have not used a coach previously and only ever a nutritionist or similar who sell a 12 week plan and you touch base once a month this has always led to poor results but like I say with the weekly contact, measurements, training logs and adjustments it kept the whole process interesting and worry free as I knew your recommendations were the way forward for best results.
Oh also strength has increased which has never happened whilst cutting.  My only regret was I only committed 12 weeks to this process and due to commitments and travel I would not be able to follow 100% or I would be continuing.
I have no doubt that I will be working with you again to help improve my performance and health whilst training.
Keep doing what you are doing it has been great working with you and Thanks Again.


No Prescription Phentermine Overnight, Phentermine Prescription Online

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Would you like to share your thoughts?