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Buy Phentermine Lollipops, Order Phentermine From India

Jason Outten – Hypertrophy Training and Diet Blog #1

Hi, Gordon asked if I would like to write a little blog update on my hypertrophy training programme and where I am at etc with everything so here goes.

Firstly bit about myself. For many years I did zero exercise and drank whatever, whenever for many years from about 25 ish. I turn 45 this year , my favourite saying at that point is “so what’s your excuse”. My wife and I run our own business and manage eleven staff , both working full time on and in. I never thought I had enough time for all this until a light bulb moment. It’s a lifestyle , not a chore. It’s not a 12 week plan or job. You adapt to that idea and your half way there.

Initially I was 100% self motivated then got better with my food management via Scott Baptie Food for Fitness where I managed a feature in Australian Men’s Fitness. From there Scott introduced me to Gordon , I was really getting into it now. I had this silly idea which actually came from a bet (even Gordon doesn’t know this bit). We were at a state INBA competition (a friend was competing, she won) and I said to my wife I would love to go to Body Power in UK one day. She said you get up on that stage next year and we will go to BP in May. Deal done.

Now here’s where I’m at. Just coming up to my fifth bulk month, started in October and going through until end of May. Actually the Body Power weekend the cut starts. On a side not the Cadbury factory is in Birmingham so day after that tour, mega macro challenge that day :p

Any way loving the food at moment. Flexible and at almost 3200 calories a day with plenty of space to eat almost anything. I pretty much eat nutritionally dense foods, about 80/90 % of the time. I Have my staples, chicken, beef, mixed vegetables, spinach , sweet potato, feta , salmon etc. fruits like bananas , apples, blueberries. Not forgetting oats 🙂 I also have a wide variety of other foods through the week as well. Steak burgers, steak stews, Italian minced beef, pasta, rice, yoghurt, tomato sauce on my burgers, fries on occasion, bread , eggs, ham, butter. The list goes on. I even have a couple of home made pizzas each week. Let’s not forget chocolate and the legendary poptarts , choc fudge is my favourite. If I go out no one realises I am actually eating to a plan.

Well how does all that translate into my health and training? My health markers are pretty much perfect (that’s internal as well. I get annual medicals, inc full bloods) energy and training is just awsome.

When I started with Gordon first thing I noticed , not many exercises? Same program every week for months? I had been used to changing it up every 6 weeks, “smashing” the crap out of each muscle etc. so here I am 6-8 exercises two upper sessions two lower session and that’s a week OMG . Well I’ve never gained so much in such a short period my 1RM DL 9 mths ago was 150kg after one year of lifting. This week it’s 165kg at 4 reps on the sixth set (increasing up from 120kg on first) I did 6 reps at 150kg (my previous 1RM) the set prior. I know , it’s not 200 but that’s for May ;).

Here’s a link to Jason’s own tracking sheet to show his progressBuy Phentermine Au

I am gaining across the field and still have visible abs, been going up in body weight about 1kg per month. Nice and steady, if I stagnate Gordon’s onto it, more food :).

I am learning heaps too. My “same” training routine allows my body to adapt then grow. You see from what I understand now is it takes a couple of months just for your body to adapt to the exercise you throw at it and then it grows. You can accurately track and progress as well, as I just compare and push past exactly what I did the week prior. I cannot see how you can compare when you are changing it up every month, no adaptation, nothing to compare back too? I don’t need to change it my motivation is my gains.

To date over last four months I have managed to increase every week over the last even if it’s a little bit, one extra rep, a few kg here and there. As long as it’s not the same I am happy.

I am already used to keeping a training diary so it’s just a case of dropping into an xls for Gordon so he can track where I am at. Having an online coach is great , no problems at all. What with Skype and email etc. I get asked by PT’s how can I do that, what about form? Gordon’s onto that. I remember once on an exercise my weight was going up quiet high, so he asked me to video it. I did, he adjusted my form and the weight dropped back 25% :/   On top of that I follow a lot of fitness pros, read tips, watch videos etc and adapt. I think over last two months my Deadlift technique has 100% changed. I must of videoed myself a dozen times, nit picking it to pieces.

Over the coming months I’ll post an update on where my training is at , how the foods going and can even go into how I plan my time and food prep. I could go on now but I think Gordon said “short” :p

Buy Phentermine Lollipops, Order Phentermine From India

  1. Phentermine Cod

    Buy Phentermine Lollipops, Order Phentermine From India

    February 7, 2014

    Great post buddy! Very inspirational!

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